Friendsgiving is a mashup of the word “friend” and “thanksgiving” that refers to a large meal among friends eaten during the Thanksgiving season. The level of formality is dependent on the participants, but the word first appeared around 2007 as an informal replacement for the holiday typically spent with family.

When I was growing up, Thanksgiving was a time for family to get together, sit around a beautifully decorated dinner table filled with delicious food and talk about all the things in which they are thankful. But my family enjoyed one thing above all else… arguing. Now, I would love to use terms like ‘debate’ or ‘conversation’. But there was no debate and there were hardly enough distinguishable words to call it a conversation. It was a battle royale free for all and us kids were caught in the middle. It would usually start off nice enough but once we got past the hello’s, it was game on.

This had a trickle-down effect to all of the younger kids in the family. We grew up watching the fights, hearing the name-calling, and picking the food out of the carpet after a drink was thrown. We watched grandma crying in the kitchen because someone threw the turkey on the floor. We heard the aunts and uncles fighting over something as minuscule as the colour of a wall. This and so much more is the reason Friendsgiving exists.

For so many people around the world, having a nice meal with friends is the best version of Thanksgiving. No fights. No arguments. No crying grandmas. Just a group of friends with similar interests enjoying a meal together. I can’t possibly think of something more deserving of thanks than eating a great meal with a group of people who uplift each other and care about one another.

Now that I have you fully depressed, I should mention that we have top of the line strains to help get you through whatever your Thanksgiving traditions may be! Whether you need a mood boost, a munchie engager, or just want to enjoy good conversation with those you care about, The Pot Shack has you covered. 

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