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How to make Infused Thanksgiving Stuffing

It’s that time of year again and all the turkeys are coming over for dinner. But this year, the food coma will be especially wonderful. Tryptophan is good but THC is better thanks to Infused Thanksgiving Stuffing. Infused foods are a great way to enjoy the effects of cannabis without the smoke. When ingesting THC, keep in mind that it has a much slower onset, and at thanksgiving dinner, a second or third helping might leave on the couch for a lot longer.  Our recipe for Infused Thanksgiving Stuffing is easy to make and will give you a comfortable dosage.  Just make sure this stays at the adult table. YIELD: Makes 8 (15mg THC) to…

A Bunny Hug History

If you are from Saskatchewan, you know that vico is chocolate milk. You know that ordering a Pil isn’t a shady drug deal. And most importantly, you know the proper name for a hoodie. The term was first used in the late ’70s to refer to the piece of clothing that is a sweater with a hood and an open front pocket/pouch. “Needs a hood to be a bunny-hug. Pretty sure it’s a law,” wrote former premier Brad Wall on Twitter. This term is Saskatchewan born and raised just like us. This is why we decided to name one of our craft prerolls, the bunny hug. But what makes the bunny hug so special to…

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