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Friendsgiving is a mashup of the word “friend” and “thanksgiving” that refers to a large meal among friends eaten during the Thanksgiving season. The level of formality is dependent on the participants, but the word first appeared around 2007 as an informal replacement for the holiday typically spent with family. When I was growing up, Thanksgiving was a time for family to get together, sit around a beautifully decorated dinner table filled with delicious food and talk about all the things in which they are thankful. But my family enjoyed one thing above all else… arguing. Now, I would love to use terms like ‘debate’ or ‘conversation’. But there was no debate and there were…

Happy Canada Day

Of all the nations in all the world, Canada is our home. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, to the North; almost 10 million square kilometres of this globe belong to the red, white, and maple.  Although we are a mere 153 years old and just a youngster on the world stage, we have made quite an impact on our little blue marble and beyond. We, at The Pot Shack, wouldn’t live anywhere else!   Here’s what some of the Shack Mates had to say about why they love Canada:   “The vastness of beauty and terrain! We’ve got waterfalls, sand dunes, mountains, deserts, forests, huge rocky cliffs, and 3 oceans!” – Carlene   “Healthcare!…

Help us flatten the curve.

We thought we’d let everyone know we’re still open and here to help during this difficult time. Covid-19 is serious stuff so we’re following the standards and practices set out by our health authorities and provincial government and then some!   Help us flatten the curve even more. As much as we love to see you in the store, please consider ordering online instead if it’s something you’re comfortable with.   We’ve made our online store www.thepotshack.ca even easier to use and introduced all day delivery service in Saskatoon and curbside pick up at the store.   Our hope is this will reduce the number of guests having to enter the store and allow for…

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