Shack Facts

Candy Corn is a Crime.

There is one universal truth. One definitive correct answer on this planet. That one impenetrable fact is… Candy Corn is a crime. It should be launched back to the 1800s where it belongs. It has no place in modern society. The texture, the flavour, the look. Nothing about candy corn is appealing in any shape or form.  When they were first introduced in the 1880s by Wunderle Candy Company, they were a hit. Because, at the time, people didn’t know what good candy was. They thought to themselves; kids like candy, and kids like corn, let’s combine these two into one! It was probably the worst decision made in the confectionary world, ever. The base…

A Bunny Hug History

If you are from Saskatchewan, you know that vico is chocolate milk. You know that ordering a Pil isn’t a shady drug deal. And most importantly, you know the proper name for a hoodie. The term was first used in the late ’70s to refer to the piece of clothing that is a sweater with a hood and an open front pocket/pouch. “Needs a hood to be a bunny-hug. Pretty sure it’s a law,” wrote former premier Brad Wall on Twitter. This term is Saskatchewan born and raised just like us. This is why we decided to name one of our craft prerolls, the bunny hug. But what makes the bunny hug so special to…

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