Sour Jack pr – Whistler

Sour Jack pr – Whistler

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Sour Jack pr – Whistler

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Sour Jack – Whistler – Sativa Dominant – THC 20.4%

The aroma of Sour Jack is intense with a pungent mix of diesel fuel and citrus. Overall, it should smell sour with notes of lemon pine. The taste is similar to the scent and users may notice the fuel smell more in the smoke. The buds are lime green with orange hairs.

High THC, which offers an entertaining psychoactive effect. The high hits the head with an uplifting effect that provides energy and euphoria. New users should be careful with this herb as it delivers a punch with just one hit. Some people have reported subtle sound and visual hallucinations while using this strain as well.

Terpene Profile
Myrcene Limonene Nerolidol


2-pack (0.5g)


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