Mango Haze – Dan’s Balance

Mango Haze – Dan’s Balance

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Mango Haze – Dan’s Balance

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Dan’s Balance – Mango Haze – CBD Hybrid – CBD 12.3% THC 6.9%
Mango Haze is a flavour-rich sativa-dominant strain with a perfectly balanced THC to CBD ratio.
Maricann’s phenohunters tenaciously navigated over 2,500 plants to craft a broad-spectrum re-inter-
pretation of this classic strain. Mango Haze’s rare terpene profile can be sensed upon the first inhale,
with a juicy green apple fragrance complimented by a citrus and woody undertone – all intermingled
with the aroma of fresh mangos. Myrcene and Caryophyllene add a funky cinnamon and clove punch
of spice and warmth.




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