Individual Boveda 67g packs

Individual Boveda 67g packs

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Boveda® packs come in various sizes and humidity levels. The large 67g Boveda® humidity pack is a great alternative to the bead system because it’s 2-way, so it will absorb and emit moisture as needed. Our Cannador®’s work efficiently with two of the 67g packs and can last up to 6 months before needing replacement. It’s lifespan may be increased by minimizing exposure to air. Once the humidity pack begins turning hard, the RH will begin to fall and this will signal the need for replacement. This larger pack comes individually packed. The smaller 8g packs work best in our airtight 14.17g jars and the 4g packs work great in the airtight 7.08g jars. These smaller packs are calibrated to maintain 58% RH, which is perfect for maintaining flavor. Vape enthusiasts will prefer this ratio. Smaller packs come in quantities of 4 units.


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