Adom #9 510 – Front Porch

Adom #9 510 – Front Porch

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Adom #9 – Front Porch – Indica – 510 Concentrate – 0.5g
THC 82.2% CBD 0%
Adom #9 is a hybrid with indica dominance. Calming with stimulating systems and providing clarity. Chosen by Front Porch for the high level of beta-Caryophyllene, which provides clarity along with a happy and uplifting head high, focus and increased energy levels. With full entourage effects. Total Terpenes 5.38%. lip smacking vanilla infused flavour. Curated. For every moment in your life.

Top Terpenes
Caryophyllene, limonene, Linalool

The Front Porch

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