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    • Chocolate Cheesecake


      Chocolate Cheesecake – NESS – Indica – THC 21.3% CBD 0.05% Chocolate Cheesecake from -ness tastes smooth, creamy and chocolatey with high THC and not-so-subtle sprinkles of indica-dominant skunk. A descendant of Chocolope, Cheese and Legacy Skunk, this slice of nice-ness gets its memorable flavour and aroma from myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene. Not to be overshadowed by its flavour, Chocolate Cheesecake is a beauty too. Its forest green buds have dark amber undertones and amber crystal trichomes. A total show-off indeed. Explore your -ness.

    • Gelato Mint


      Gelato Mint – NESS – Indica – THC 23% CBD 0.05% Gelato Mint from -ness is an indica-dominant hybrid with a creamy, sweet aroma and a scoop of nutty vanilla flavour. It has a very strong THC potency potential and colourful buds with light green and dark purple hues swirling throughout. Bred from legendary strains It’s It and Cookies & Cream, you can expect hints of sweet mint and vanilla courtesy of caryophyllene, limonene and farnesene . Explore your -ness

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